International concerts

Latin American week in Frankfurt – GERMANY.
Albert Schweitzer School. Offenbach – GERMANY
International Chamber Music Season in Manizales – COLOMBIA

Conservatory of Music in Quito ECUADOR.
UN Habitat World Urban Forum, Medellín – COLOMBIA
Latin America Concert - Sonamos Latin America – Bogotá – COLOMBIA.
XII International Festival of Arts - Armenia- COLOMBIA

International Folklore Festival "House of Aragon in La Rioja". Logroño – SPAIN.
-Teatro Villoresi. Monza – ITALY.
-social and cultural center of South Pole. Lausanne - SWITZERLAND.

Teatro San Carlo. Monza – ITALY
Catholic Student Group at the University of Frankfurt - ALEMANIA
Cultural Center Latino Tierra Incógnita. Geneva, Switzerland
Social and Cultural Center NELSON MANDELA. La Seyne sur Mer - FRANCIA.

10º Festival "Women of the World" in París - FRANCIA.
sociocultural center of South Pole. Lausanne - SWITZERLAND.
Theatre of the Democratic Workers'. Chiavenna - ITALY.
International Festival of Culture of Boyacá – COLOMBIA

Prometeo Theatre in Quito - ECUADOR.
Homage to the liberator Manuela Saenz in Quito - ECUADOR.

Amazon Confraternity Festival in Leticia, Amazon – COLOMBIA

Theater of the Central University in Quito ECUADOR.
Imbabura auditorium of the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana in Ibarra.

Rossini Auditorium Hall 9 Paris - France.
10Th Festival of New Music Traditional and World Music 'Musical Joutes de Printemps "in Correns - France.
Museum of Modern Art in Cuenca – ECUADOR

9Th Festival of New Music Traditional and World Music 'Musical Joutes de Printemps "in Correns - France.
Colombian singing workshop in this festival – FRANCE.

Lead vocal concert and album "La Suite Colombiana" of Compagnie Montanaro FRANCE.
Bolivariano concert at the National Theater of the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana. Quito.

International Art Festival Cali "Musica Viva" – COLOMBIA

ECUATORIANA tour: Quito, Cuenca, Riobamba, Ibarra.

Cultural Days of the Provincial Council of Pichincha in Quito – ECUADOR.
Eloy Alfaro University, in the cities of Manta and Montecristi in ECUADOR.
ECUATORIANA tour: Cuenca, Riobamba, Chordeleg, And Azogues Cañar.

Autonomous University of Sinaloa, in the cities of Culiacan, Mazatlan and Los Mochis - MEXICO.

National Concert


1. Festival "Luis A. Calvo "Andean music of Colombia in Bucaramanga.
2. "Bandola" en Sevilla (Valley).
3. Interpreters National Meeting of Colombian Music in Yumbo (Valley).
4. First Concert Colombian Music "From north to south" in Pasto.
5. National Festival of Colombian Andean Music Concerts in Marinilla (Antioquia).
6. Festival concerts anniversaries "Antioquia sings Colombia". Medellín.
7. Tiple National Encounter "CORTIPLE" in Envigado (Antioquia).
8. Festivalito Ruitoqueño in Floridablanca (Santander).
9. Festival of the Colombian Massif in Elijah (Huila).
10. Colombian Music Festival "Rodrigo Mantilla" in Pamplonita (North of Santander).
11. Celebrations of Joy and Folklore in Garzón (Huila)
12. Return Festival in Tarqui (Huila)
13. Andean Music Festival and Peasant "The Golden Colonus" in Florence.
14. Feijoa Festival in Tibasosa (Boyacá).
15. National Festival Hall "Hermanos Hernandez" in Aguadas (Caldas).
16. National Meeting of Traditional Music "Re- strings "in Pitalito (Huila)
17. National Festival of Bambuco "Luis Carlos González" in Pereira.
18. National Meeting of the Maelstrom in Tabio (Cundinamarca).
19. Fiesta del Huila in the Teatro Colon in Bogota.
20. National Encounter of Colombian Music "Pedro Morales Pino" and National Encounter "Families singing" in Cartago (Valley).
21. Festival "All voices, all "in Bogotá.
22. Mono Núñez Festival in Geneva (Valley).
23. Bambuco Folk Festival in Neiva.
24. Celebration of the Inti Raymi in Cali.
25. Carnavalito Andean Music and Latin in Carmen de Viboral (Antioquia),
26. National Meeting of Andean Music in Quimbaya (Quindio).
27. First Meeting of the "Festival of Flowers" Social Song - Medellin.
28. Festival of Latin American Music "Hernando Trujillo" in Jamundí (Valley).
29. Meeting of the Colombian pride in Riosucio (Caldas),
30. Jazzperiencias. Manizales.
31. Devil's Carnival in Riosucio (Caldas)
32. Celebrations of Aguacero in Caldas, Antioquia.
33. Andean Music Festival in Queremal, Dagua (Valley).
34. Pachamama Cultural Festival in Florida (Valley).
35. Festival José A. Morales in Socorro (Santander).
36. Manizales Fair.

Theatres and concert halls

1. Pigoanza Teatro Neiva.
2. Germán Arciniegas auditorium of the National Library of Colombia in Bogota.
3. Museo de Arte del Tolima in Ibague.
4. Pigoanza Teatro Neiva.
5. Teatro Municipal Santiago Londoño Pereira.
6. Mayor Auditorium of Music - University of Tolima in Ibague.
7. Concert Hall Luis Angel Arango Bank of the Republic, Bogotá.
8. Auditorium COMFABOY of Tunja.
9. Colsubsidio Teatro de Bogota.
10. Medellin auditoriums COMFAMA.
11. Auditorium PROARTE in Cali.
12. FUNMÚSICA in Cali.
13. Auditorium of the Bank of the Republic of Leticia.
14. Founders Theatre Manizales.
15. Auditorium Gilberto Alzate Avendano Foundation in Bogota.
16. Little Theatre of Medellin.
17. Auditorium of the Bank of the Republic of Quibdo.
18. Outdoor theater Rayo Museum in Roldanillo (Valley).
19. Auditorium of the Bank of the Republic of Valledupar.
20. Teatro Pablo Tobon Uribe in Medellin.
21. Convention Center "Jose Rivera Eustatius" Neiva.
22. Lido Theatre in Medellín.
23. The Barefoot Eagle in Medellin.
24. Blue theater in Armenia.
25. Casa Teatro El Poblado in Medellin.
26. Auditorium of the Departmental Assembly of Huila in Neiva.
27. Auditorio Luis A. Calvo of the Industrial University of Santander in Bucaramanga.
28. Auditorium of the National University - Manizales.
29. Teatro La Guagua in Pasto.



1. 40 BEST OF FLUTES AND SONGS FROM THE ANDES: Selecting the British label ARC Music, 2014.
2. BEST OF ANDEAN MUSIC -Selection of British label ARC Music, 2013.
3. NO TO THE MINE - Buenos Aires Assembly for Water, Argentina, 2012.
4. MDE11 - sound Territory - Museo de Antioquia, Medellín, 2011.
5. SEPARATE PAGES MUSICAL CULTURE "Musical Memories for the Bicentennial" CPI. Cali 2010.
6. CHRISTMAS SONGS FOR CHILDREN OF COLOMBIA - SOS Children's Villages, Bogotá, 2008.
7. THE SUITE COLOMBIAN – Montanaro production Compagnie de France, 2005.
8. POR TI COLOMBIA – Festival winners Hatoviejo COTRAFA, That'S Nice, Antioquia, 1996.


1. World March for Peace and Nonviolence. Medellín.
2. Week for Peace. Bogotá.
3. Day of No Violence Against Women. Envigado (Antioquia).
4. Day for Life and Art. Medellín.
5. Interfaith Day for the freedom of kidnapped. Bogotá.
6. Concert "Path of peace and dignity" in the framework of the Cultural Days of the University of Antioquia. Medellín.
7. Human Rights Week in Medellin, next to the singer Piero.
8. Sonoro monument for Memory: “The story of lobsters and hummingbirds”, the National Center for Historical Memory. Bogotá.
9. Let's move forward Concert Foundation Neiva.
10. Concert Foundation Cantoalavida Campoalegre (Huila).
11. Alejandra Velez Concert Foundation Manizales.

The musicians
Biography Juan Carlos Montes
Juan Carlos MontesSoprano and percussion

Carlos Mario VasquezBandola y guitarra

Oscar BenitezGuitar and bass

Hugo UrregoBass and flute
Other artists who support us